The ‘Meeting of General Dalziel and Captain Paton of Meadowhead’

Capt. Paton

Jardine’s Book of Martyrs is a blog mainly devoted to events in Covenanter History both great and small – many of them little known.

The ‘Meeting of General Dalziel and Captain Paton of Meadowhead’ appears in Lays of the Covenanters (1880), by Reverend James Dodds of Dunbar. It details the 1684 capture of Captain John Paton by General Tam Dalyell of the Binns (the aristocratic ancestor of the Tam Dalyell who died back in January.) In this section, we can see a local reference:

Calm as a dove he sleepeth.
And he surrenders patiently
To those who come to snare him:
When, fast as horses feet can tramp,
To Edinburgh town they bear him.

And now they skirt Corstorphine Hill,
With August blossoms merry:
When by the way Dalziel rides forth,
To see what spoils they carry.

The full version can be seen on Dr Mark Jardine’s blog – link below. The rest of the blog comes highly recommended by me, and covers a great deal of the Central Belt.

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One thought on “The ‘Meeting of General Dalziel and Captain Paton of Meadowhead’

  1. Another article on Dr Jardine’s blog is also of local interest:

    “The ambush of Donald Cargill and his close party at Muttonhole on the road between Edinburgh and Queensferry in late 1680 dealt a severe blow to the militant presbyterian movement… The ambush took place on Friday, 12 November, 1680. Walker’s location for it appears on General Roy’s map of the 1750s. The small settlement of Muttonhole lay almost exactly three miles from Edinburgh at the northern end of Corstorphine Hill. The park dyke belonged to Barnton House, which lay just to the west of Muttonhole. From Walker’s description, the location of the ambush was where the park dyke ran beside the western edge of Muttonhole. Presumably the inn lay across the Queensferry road from the dyke.”

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