Alette Willis


I’m constantly finding new material for my Literary Corstorphine book. It always seems to pop up just when I think I’ve exhausted most of the possibilities. Still, such info is not unwelcome, and shows that I’ve at least chosen a fertile field!

One such new find is Alette Willis a children’s writer, currently storyteller in residence at Edinburgh Zoo. I’ve been a member of Friends of Corstorphine Hill on and off for a while now, and I was aware that she’d given talks/guided walks for them.

I approached Edinburgh Zoo last year as to whether they had any writers in residence, and got told that, no, they didn’t.* However, storyteller in residence is pretty close, and Ms Willis is a bona fide writer. I’ve not read How to Make a Golem and Terrify People, but it looks great fun, and moreover, there’s a whole chapter set in the zoo!


* Some of the local secondary schools have writers in residence – Craigmount and Forrester, to name but two.

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