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Dolina MacLennan reading her autobiography at Mainpoint Books.
Celebrity Gael Dolina MacLennan reading her autobiography at Mainpoint Books in August.

Posts on this blog are going to be intermittent. I hope to put one up at least once a month. The recent flurry of posts is not going to be representative. I doubt I can keep that pace up long term. Or I’d want to. When my book Literary Corstorphine finally appears in P.O.D. form it will contain much of the information on this blog (and more) in a more digestible form.

In the meantime, please check out these two interesting websites:

* Mark Jardine – Mostly about the Covenanters, but again, a good place to find the extraordinary in the ordinary. He finds items of historical interest in unglamorous places such as Shotts and Lesmahagow. Not quite in the range of this blog, but certainly some of the material deals with the Old Town and the Pentlands too. See -> Jardine’s Book of Martyrs

* Scottish Books – An in-depth, independent, and often controversial look at literature and publishing in Scotland. I find the site well written, and whoever’s behind it seems to be very dissatisfied with the literary establishment in Scotland. And it has reviewed my very own Bleeding Ink positively, which is a bonus. We need dissidents. See -> Scottish Books

* Tychy Blog – Literary Criticism with Cojones – I’ve no idea what Tychy means, or even how to pronounce the name of it, but there are some occasional good pieces in here. I particularly like their piece on Corstorphine Hill, which is relevant to our site. See -> The End of the Fringe Scattered

* Tales of One City – An Edinburgh Council  website. See-> Tales of One City

* Edinburgh Literary Blogs – See -> Edinburgh Literary Blogs (The Grauniad)

* Writer’s Bloc – See -> Writer’s Bloc



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